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CAPCCG Daiy Sitrep Questionnaire
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If you require URGENT same day PPE, please contact the CCG Primary Care Inbox directly @ [email protected].

Local NHS Stakeholder Emails & Communications
Time stamps and subject headers only to make it easier for you to search your inboxes.

06 May 2020: 17:03pm – Primary Care Daily Covid-19 Communications Update (06.05.20)

06 May 2020:  15:58pm – GW2427 Verification of Death – Guidance

06 May 2020:  11:29am – GW2423 GP supporting info for shielding and non-shielding patients

06 May 2020:  08:12am – Primary Care IT Support for Covid-19:  Update 23

05 May 2020: 17:25pm – Primary Care Daily Covid-19 Communications Update (05.05.20)

04 May 2020: 17:50pm – Primary Care Daily Covid-19 Communications Update (04.05.20)

04 May 2020:  13:12pm – GW2411 Webinar 6th May 14:30-15:30pm- Covid-19 impacy on BAME communities

02 May 2020:  10:14am – GW2408 Primary Care and Community Health Support to Care Home Residents

02 May 2020:  10:00am – GW2407 Priority medicines for palliative and end of life care

01 May 2020: 17:05pm – Primary Care Daily Covid-19 Communications Update (01.05.20)

01 May 2020:  16:44pm – Primary Care IT Support for Covid-19:  Update 22


NB:  If you are not receiving the gateway emails, please email:

CAPCCG [email protected]  or NHSEI [email protected] 

National Guidance

24 April 2020: Joint guidance – Death Verification (BMA & RCGP)

24 April 2020: BMA – (VoD), (MCCD) and Cremation Forms in the Community

06 April 2020: Joint guidance – Workload Prioritisation

03 April 2020:  COVID-19: PPE for doctors

01 April 2020:  COVID-19: retired doctors returning to work

01 April 2020:  PCN DES Guidance

27 March 2020: Remote consultations and homeworking

23 March 2020: Joint guidance  – The Role of General Practice


09 April 2020:   Covid-19 Update from CQC Chief Inspector


15 April 2020:  Joint Guidance CAS Alert Ibuprofen And Coronavirus

15 April 2020:   Prepareness letter 14/4/20

11 April 2020:   (FAQs) for clinicians re: Shielded Patient Lists 

10 April 2020:   Shielded Patient Lists (SPL) – NHSE Letter

05 April 2020:    Guidance and SOP for General practice in the context of coronavirus (v2)

31 March 2020: Coronavirus Act – excess death provisions

31 March 2020: NHS Volunteer Responders

28 March 2020: Procurement of pre-approved online consultation system suppliers

27 March 2020: Preparedness update 27/3/20

27 March 2020: How to establish a remote ‘total triage’ model

25 March 2020: Guidance and updates for GPs: At-risk patients

24 March 2020: GP Returners


26 March 2020: KISS – Managing Clinical Groups During The Coronavirus Pandemic

25 March 2020: Royal College of Physicians COVID-19 Management Guidelines

24 March 2020: RCGP FAQs on Appraisal and Revalidation during covid-19

NHSEI Primary Care Bulletins
Click here to view the NHS Primary Care Bulletin

These bulletins are published frequently for Primary Care covering all guidance and information for general practice, pharmacy, dental and optical.

The pages below are being updated daily and are intended to signpost you to the most recent guidance and advice. We are aware of the large volume of communication and how it can quickly become out of date – for this reason, we will place any information that is over 7-10 days old in the ‘Archive’ section.

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