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What is Cambs LMC?

The Team

What is Cambs LMC?

The Team

What is Cambridgeshire LMC?

Cambs LMC was founded in 1911 for all GPs.

We represent all GPs and looking after the interests of GPs means looking after the interests of the whole practice. We particularly value our close working with Practice Managers.

Cambs LMC is local.

Yes, we are local as our name suggests but our influence extends over national issues too.

Technically, your LMC covers the area of the county – or to be more precise, covers those practices whose main surgery is in the county. NHS England has to recognise only one LMC for each specific area, though LMCs can cover a greater or smaller geographical area depending on local arrangements. Across the East of England, the regional LMCs may on occasions work closely together, but we all maintain our own offices and employ our own staff.

Cambs LMC represents all GPs.

The LMC represents you in negotiations locally on all matters that affect General Practice with the CCG, NHS England, the STP, the Acute and Community Trusts, Educational and Local Authorities, the Police and third parties.

The LMC operates as the link between local GPs and their national negotiating body, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC). The GPC is a Branch of Practice Committee of the BMA and is recognised as the sole negotiating body for all NHS GPs with the government. Our Chair, Dr Diana Hunter has an elected seat representing Cambridgeshire GPs, as does our CEO, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer who also has a seat on BMA Council, speaking up for all doctors across the East of England.

We represent the best of General Practice – aiming to help the local NHS become something we can all be rightly proud of. We are instrumental in agreeing and operating local procedures such as those for performance assessment, management of the local performers list, post payment verification, enhanced commissioning negotiations, contractual affairs – the list goes on. The LMC is the only body that represents all Cambridgeshire NHS GPs as providers.

Cambs LMC is here for all GPs.

The LMC is here for all local GPs. Our job is to look after you, so you can concentrate on looking after your patients. We urge you to get in touch with us whenever you feel in need of representation, support or advice.

Cambs LMC is independent.

Your LMC is independent and owned by the GPs we represent. We are not restricted by being a union or by the rules of being an NHS body and we are not part of the BMA.

Cambs LMC is representative.

Every member elected to our Committee represents all GPs in their patch be they partners, salaried GPs, locums – in fact, every GP who is registered on the local Performers List and each and every practice across the County. The LMC operates an election process that allows some seats to be reserved for under-represented groups of local GPs to ensure a fair balance.

We have a Constitution that sets out our democratic processes, and we have open and fair elections for all of our seats. Our processes have to comply with the law and have to be recognised by NHS England. But representation is about more than just democracy: it is about professionalism.

Cambs LMC supports all GPs.

The LMC supports individual doctors and partnerships in difficulty. We help doctors with a broad spectrum of problems – from complaints to legacies from patients! We support individual GPs and practices to resolve their differences with professionalism and integrity. We support doctors through the local performance procedures, through suspension procedures, and through GMC hearings. GPs are helped by being supported by an LMC that has experience of dealing with a great many problems, and we have witnessed most ways of falling below the high standards of the profession. The LMC is greatly involved in all aspects of the local performance procedures and works closely with our other regulators in the CQC and GMC.

Of course, some doctors get accused of things they have not done, and some accused of things they have done. Sometimes the accusation misunderstands the actions of the GP or fails to see the whole picture. The LMC will always support any GP in difficulty, but the LMC does not condone bad practice and always strives to avoid bringing the profession into disrepute.


Cambs LMC is statutory.

LMCs have existed under the authority of each NHS Act – and thereby have powers, responsibilities, and duties. We have to comply with the law in terms of our Constitution and financial control. While we have to do some things, we are not allowed to do others, and the rest is up to the Committee to decide. NHS England & NHS Improvement, and each CCG, has to consult with the LMC on a long list of matters in order to comply with their legal obligations.

Cambs LMC advises all GPs.

Our team at Knapwell have a combined collective experience of working within the system to support general practice of over fifty years. This breadth and depth of expertise, relationships and resources is a unique source of reliable and trusted advice and support to the local profession. The LMC advises all GPs and Practice Managers in General Practice.

We aim to help you know what you need to know. We write to you when there are things worth saying, and we send you what we think you will want to read. We make available to you what you are looking for when you contact us, and while each day we deal with questions and queries from GPs and Practice Managers, we also frequently advise NHS England & NHS Improvement, and our CCG, on matters within our expertise.


Cambs LMC speaks for all GPs.

The LMC carries the voice of the profession. There are many matters where properly held professional views differ, and the LMC is a good forum for local debate, always supporting professional independence. However, where needed, professional unity is a very strong force in the local NHS and empowers the LMC – be that in contract negotiations for individual doctors or whole practices, or in matters of regulation and performance.

Nationally, the GPC is guided by policy decisions determined at the LMC U.K. Annual Conference, the main policy-making event where representatives from LMCs across the four nations debate motions which reflect local GP concerns and objectives. The LMC U.K. Conference is the body to whom the GPC is directly accountable. We are fortunate that our CEO, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer is one of the chairs of the U.K. Conference of LMCs, as Guy Watkins was before her. Cambridgeshire continues to hold such a prominent position of influence across the UK, complementing the local work we undertake each day on your behalf.

Meet The Team

LMC Staff

Chief Executive – Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

Executive Director – Alice Benton

Executive Officers – Jo Audoire & Emma Drew

Administrator – Deborah Wood

LMC Committee Officers

Chair – Dr Diana Hunter

Vice Chair – Dr James Howard
Treasurer – Dr Francesca Frame

Cambs LMC is a Committee.

Your Committee (listed below) is made up of 24 elected members. The Committee meets in full ten times per year, elects officers and employs staff. Committee members are also active in other areas of LMC work such as playing a key role in the work of local clinical performance procedures for the county. In addition to the elected members below, we also choose to elect GP Specialty Registrar Advisors to the Committee.

Dr Kavita Bhardwaj
Dr Francesca Frame
Dr James Howard
Dr Nanette Kelly
Dr Harshad Mistry
Dr James Morrow
Dr Duncan Outram

Dr Clare Routledge

Dr Jenny Wheatley
Dr Sean Culloty
Dr Emma Gayton
Dr Diana Hunter
Dr Lisa Lim

Dr Neil Modha

Dr Kathryn Newell

Dr Simon Poole

Dr Jo Scrivens

Dr Richard Weyell

Dr Ben Curtis
Dr Liz Halliday

Dr Steve Jones

Dr Liam Loftus

Dr Mike Moor

Dr Paula Newton
Dr Nathalie Rodriguez-McCullough
Dr Amrit Takhar

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