Closing date for comment: 12:00noon Friday 22nd May 2020
As you will have seen, Cambs LMC has been actively supporting its member GPs throughout some recently challenging times. We are aware that member GPs not only deliver primary care services under core contracts, but are actively engaged in other forms of delivery and engagement in a variety of other organisations, including, but not limited to, Primary Care Networks, Federations and Clinical Commissioning Groups. We want to continue to give advice and develop our services in the light of these changing demands and will, in the coming weeks, begin to look more closely at what areas require more support to ensure that services are focussed on meeting member GP needs.
In particular, we will be focussing on ensuring that we support member GPs equally across the following areas:
  • GP core contracts and the delivery of primary medical services (GMS, PMS APMS)
  • GP practices working with Primary Care Networks
  • GPs within federations as members or shareholders
  • GPs on federation boards or any other governing structure
  • GPs as service deliverers engaging in federation work
  • GPs as members of clinical commissioning groups
  • Salaried GPs, locums either within practices or engaged within federations
As your local representative body, we have a duty to ensure that our on-going support meets the demand of member GPs in whatever roles they are engaged in. We will achieve this in the following manner:
  • Amend the LMC constitution to reflect the changes to the healthcare landscape, acknowledging the increasingly diverse roles of our member GPs and ensure that we represent member GPs in all these developing areas
  • Continue with current services to member GPs and enhance and introduce new services where appropriate to meet the requirements of member GPs in their diverse roles to allow us to give you more comprehensive support
  • Redistribute all levy funding in such a way which is more focussed and more relevant to current needs
By doing the above, we hope to make advice and support more accessible, more relevant and more beneficial to local needs. All other aspects of our role, both as a body recognised by statute, and as an independent representative body will remain unaltered. Should you have any questions or issues about these changes that you would like to discuss regarding the above please contact our chief executive and LMC secretary, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer email: [email protected].
The amended constitution can be accessed below or by emailing the LMC office direct.